Not a band, but an Experience!

It's amazing to see the time and effort spent in bringing a big name performer in to play at an event. They get on stage, perform for 75 minutes, for 75 bajillion dollars and leave. And as fast as they come and do the memories and moments.

Why? Because most of these performances are performer gets on stage blasts their hits and then leave. The audience is never brought in and made part of the experience, they have no connection, it's not that meaningful.

Instead, think about how to make your special evening in to an experience that will not only WoW, while it's happening, but be remembered forever as that special experience they had with you.

RICKI DEREK EXPERIENCE takes entertainment to a whole new level...whether it's him, his duo, the Vegas Six, or his Big Band, they get how to be background and set the mood for the evening, but when it's showtime, get ready as he interacts with your execs and VIP guests and makes it a truly personalized fun evening.

While ROCK HERO EXPERIENCE begins with cool backstage passes in guests rooms the afternoon of the event, along with great fun 1980's concert shirts listing all your previous trips as the "concert stops". It continues with kitchy apparel, wigs and bandannas...etc. Then some of the original members of the biggest rock bands of the 80's join together to rock the night and your guests! To pull the audience into this experience there is a spotlighted air-guitar stage so they can live out those teenager dreams of solo'ing with Journey/Foreigner/Boston/Kansas and finally a personable meet and greet with ROCK HEROES of the 80's. THIS is an experience that won't fade away anytime soon!

Think about it...look for your next opportunity to turn the "check the box" entertainment into an experience no one will ever forget!

Need some ideas...give a Six Star Concierge a call!

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