The case for EXPERIENCES at events!

It is not the event people remember but rather the impactful experience they had at your event. Everyone is tasked with raising the bar for their next event making it bigger and better, and more memorable than the last. Here’s a great case study demonstrating the power of Experiences!

Novo Nordisk Events Team was in the same position every pharmaceutical company currently is. Under heavy regulation, fair balance, legal and PR scrutiny they needed to promote their brand, educate the attendees, and unbiasedly share their latest products. They came to Six Star for ideas and inspiration on how to make impact, engage audiences, and to create a significant experience.

As with every experience, first a goal or success is defined. ​​Likewise, you also need to define measurement of that goal. It was kept very simple and ambitious...double previous engagement and participation as measured with booth visits and click-thru's post event. It was decided that the Sophia Experience would be the perfect choice. Sophia is the world’s most human-like artificial intelligence robot and integrated in to an experience, a super powerful tool for engagement!

With a goal in place Six Star sat down to ideate and design a trusted three-part experience, because “a goal without a plan is just a dream!” Every successful experience should have 3 main elements, pre-event invite/engagement, a WoW experience on site, and finally a significant, sharable follow up post event. For Novo Nordisk it began with a custom personalized micro-site for each doctor. From this cool micro-site doctors learned about the Sophia Experience, got information relevant about things happening at the conference, and subtly learned about all the new products launches happening at Novo Nordisk.

On the tradeshow floor a complete experience was designed around Hanson Robotic’s Sophia robot. Doctors first met with Novo Nordisk representatives and then were able to meet and converse with Sophia, of course take selfies, all while having their entire time, science, and education they received in the booth reinforced by Sophia. Fortunate, Sophia is not yet a member of a union, so she was able to interact all day!

With a big WoW experience accomplished on site it was crucial to follow up with a strong impactful reinforcement of the entire experience post event. A personalized video of each interaction with Sophia as well as fun selfie was sent to the doctors upon their return home taking them back to their personalized micro-site. The previous response to a post event correspondence was 2% (which honestly is high for that sort of communication). In other words, of the thousand’s of post event emails sent out, 2% were clicked on. For this Six Star Experience, Novo Nordisk had a 64% post event click-thru. Novo Nordisk with the Sophia Experience exceeded their goal by 1,600% and all previous events by 3,200%!

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