Every experience is designed and managed by a team of veterans with a laser focus to wow with every opportunity.  Each of the teams are directed by these leaders.

Carolyn Amiel

Experience Operations

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With 20+ years of international travel and events, Carolyn knows the most celebrated and intimate ports of call throughout the world. Carolyn is incredibly detail-oriented and goes above and beyond to provide clients with the best most unique

experiences on land and sea.  

Carolyn has already thought about it, planned accordingly, making you look like a hero!

Seth Sampson

Experience Director

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A veteran Experience Storyteller with a demonstrated impactful history of telling stories in the event's world. A true leader in videography, photography, graphics and logo design, branding and identity, typography, and social engagement.  Seth makes us all look good!

Sam Stanton

Chief Experience Officer

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Sam has been designing and producing experiences for more than 30 years.  When you're in ideation and looking for something completely different and perhaps never been done, Sam will bring unique, "out of the box" ideas and "know how" to WoW any boardroom, attendee, and budget.

David Ekstrom

Experience Engineer

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"Not possible, can't do it!" You obviously haven't talked to David.  He will figure out a way to make it happen one way or another every time.  Besides leading development David more importantly oversees implementation and deployment, in other words ,making sure his innovation performs as designed.

Robbie Sawyer

Director Curated Experiences

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Over 20+ years in the hospitality industry aligned with truly world class organizations comprised of wonderful business & service cultures with a dedicated focus on creating lasting memories and positive results for clients, guests and employees.

Besides taking care of business, Robbie is a good guy and will make you and your execs feel

like a million bucks!

Kimball Anderson

Experience Producer

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With his passion for bringing out the best in corporate meeting, gala, and   entertainment events, Kimball has honed his craft over four decades in video and live event production. For 50 or 5000, he will design, organize and manage the entire production, giving you the confidence that your execs, your event brand and team are operating and delivering at the highest level. 

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