After a complete understanding of the desires and expectations of you and your executives, our veteran Six Star Experience Concierges will draw on their vast knowledge and experience, as well as latest trends to provide you with several ports/destinations, a number of different vessels or properties, unique itineraries, and numerous onboard/on land experiences.  Should your focus be with a land based destination, rest assured your designated Concierge  will be a step ahead of what is trending with the most unique, awe-inspiring possibilities options available.



Good news! The savvy Experience Concierges along with the Six Star legal team use their expertise and significant long standing relationships in the industry to negotiate on your behalf not only on budget but also for special allowances and privileges most don't know even exist or ask for.  Likewise, Experience Concierges’ guide planners to insure everything is completely thought through, and all options and scenarios are presented and maximized.



Six Star Experiences is first and foremost a curator and creator of completely unique experiences that is hyper focused on disrupting and innovating the way events are experienced.  We have numerous partners and partnerships with proven trusted professionals that truly create Six Star Experiences unseen on any cruises or land based programs.  


 Here are  just a few enhancements and experiences to consider that Six Star Experiences can design and manage

on your program.



A perfectly designed plan looks good on paper...and traditionally you are sent on your cruise with a bon voyage good luck!...With Six Star Experiences, this is just the beginning, your Experience Concierge who has been with you from the moment you decided you wanted a cruise is there waiting dockside, and has already debriefed the captain and crew about all the expectations and deliverables you have designed and contracted.  Your Experience Concierge is your ambassador onboard who insures the ship is operating at it’s highest level and is keeping you up to task on what is happening, guiding and helping you make “experienced” confident decisions whenever questions or opportunities arise.  In fact, your Experience Concierge is in constant contact with the ship’s crew sweating the details leaving you to do what you do the program!  This is all included with Six Star Experiences.


It makes sense, doesn’t it?  We aren’t looking for one event with you;  we want to exceed your expectations, earn a significant bond/relationship and work with you again and again!



You’ll be confident from the beginning that you are exhausting all of the best elements, enhancements, pricing, and options for your event.  Choice is key, and you’ll be given plenty of choices to take your experience to the next level while maintaining budgets and corporate expectations.  We find most clients begin a little hesitant as they aren’t completely sure how a cruise operates, or perhaps they are new to the incentive world, but within a couple of hours spent with their new Experience Concierge, we watch them evolve in to cruise masters already thinking ahead to the next event at sea or on land. 


A successful event just makes everyone smile, and by the time you’ve reached our Sixth Step you, your executives and your guests are all smiling.  It’s this last step where we reconcile and do a full analysis reinforcing all the wise and informed decisions you made along the way to pull off such a great event at sea.  It’s also a time where we review and understand what the biggest benefits of Six Star Experiences were and what additional actions can be taken to raise the bar for future events with you.

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